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After our first project with Chip Mong Group—to design their website—was a success, they reached out to us a second time to rebrand their real estate division Park Land Cambodia and now a third time to redesign Chip Mong Bank website.

Rebranding Park Land - Cambodia. #WorkWithMad
We rebranded Park Land, focusing on a strong modern identity that unified the communications, targets and essence of the brand.

We are proud to be the chosen agency for web design and development by the Kingdom's leading players time and time again. Having worked with Canadia Bank, Vattanac Bank and Aeon Specialized Bank; we've developed a speciality in web design specific to the banking industry and beyond.

About Chip Mong Bank.

Founded in 1982, Chip Mong Group's unparalleled success in the Kingdom has significantly contributed to the growth of the economy. First established as a leading supplier of construction materials, they have since ventured into F&B, property development, retail and finally the financial sector.

Being a division of Chip Mong Group, there's an anticipation and an expectation to be positioned as a leading player wherever they venture. It's no surprise that Chip Mong Bank readily embraces the fast and ever growing digital era with the commitment to become the leading digital commercial bank in the Kingdom.

Design Sprint.

The project kicked off in mid March of 2020—essentially the beginning of Covid; we made the responsible decision to move the Design Sprint remotely—an event that would otherwise be held face to face. Thanks to softwares like RealTimeBoard, we were able to digitize the face-to-face design sprint while preserving the effectiveness and the efficiency of the workshop.

The Remote Design Sprint.
As we grow and expand internationally, this method will only get bigger, and we will get better at it. But design sprints are also evolving as we speak, and we are going to make sure that we evolve with them in both face-to-face as well as remotely.

In addition to the design sprint, we carried out user interviews with the essential stakeholders in order to better understand the business needs and users' needs. The findings from both the design sprint and the user interviews gave us the design direction for the new Chip Mong Bank website.  

The Sitemap.

Our approach to web redesign is more than a simple case of giving the website a new look. We implement strategic thinking in order to ensure long-term functionality and payoff. This means reassessing from the bottom up i.e. restructuring the sitemap.

The role of the sitemap is to provide a visual higher level overview of the entire site and how the potential flows and navigations might look like. We agreed on the decision to categorize the bank's products and offerings by departments and by loans versus deposits. Our philosophy is to simplify the users' journey; this means ensuring that it takes a user as fewer clicks as possible to reach their intended destination.

Chip Mong Bank Sitemap. 

The Design Direction.

The insights and findings gathered from the design sprint and the user research allowed us to narrow down on our design direction to fit the bank's mission and vision. We aimed for a minimal design to communicate the bank's forward thinking ethos.

Our rationale for this decision stemmed from our understanding of minimalism as a design concept. We believe when you keep everything muted, that is in itself a form of aesthetic; one that also preserves and directs the audience's focus to the components that deserve more weight. In this case, it's the content and the animation. Throughout the website, these two components have been carefully designed to fittingly complements and compliments the bank's digital product offerings.

Minimalistic Web Design.
Minimalistic Designs, an insight on how minimalism affects the design world, and how important it is to remember that simplicity is better.

The Redesign.

The redesign utilizes white space to highlight and emphasize the key offerings, allowing for the Call To Action messages alongside its corresponding hero images to shine.

The decision to incorporate devices prototypes i.e. mobile phone and laptop pays homage to the Skeumorphism design concept that piggybacks on real-world objects and mimicking them digitally, in order to equip users with a sense of familiarity.  

Interactive Signposts.

For the full immersive experience, we leveraged animation and interactive elements as signposts to keep users engaged and supported throughout their journey on the webpage, especially the step-by-step registration processes such as the 'Kabob' (wallet) process.

Animated walkthrough registration process.
Hover to change color animation


The redesign immediately elevates Chip Mong Bank website to reflect its positioning as a leader in the digital banking sector.

It always comes back to understanding the business objectives, which was made possible through our meticulous layered processes that we carry out with every design work. When the subject area that we're dealing with is composed of many interconnected elements, it's critical to take a step back and untangle some of the elements for absolute clarity before we dare to begin any of the diagnoses.

The Interconnectedness Between UI and UX
UI is a part of UX. To discuss UI vs UX is to disregard the interconnectedness of the two very interconnected systems.

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