User Interface Design (or UI Design for short) is the visual style and layout of the various elements that make up what a user can see on a screen at a given moment. This can be anything from a website, a mobile app, the screen of an ATM, or a complex medical device.

The goal of a user interface is not only aesthetic, but also functional. It must be created with all the key use cases in mind, and avoid the typical clutter that one often expects.

User interface design can dramatically affect the usability and user experience of an application. If a user interface design is too complex or not adapted to targeted users, the user may not be able to find the information or service they are looking for. In website design, this can affect conversion rates. The layout of a user interface design should also be clearly set out for users so that elements can be found in a logical position by the user.

At Mäd, we believe that good design is good business, and this belief extends to all types of design, including UI Design.

We will often product multiple different directions for the UI design, which each direction taking a different approach to tackling the same goal. Generally speaking, one direction will often be an "evolution" of the current brand, while the second approach will be far more "revolutionary" and is a big jump forwards.

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