As we have a significant amount of insights on the Mäd website, we thought it would be useful for first time readers to collect what we believe to be some of the more important and useful insights in one place.

Think of this as a good starting point as you browse our website and learn more about how we think and work.

  • Corporate Website Best Practices. This is our 6,000+ word guide on best practices for corporate websites. It contains a significant amount of real-world knowledge based on years of project work.
  • M-Shaped People. Our thinking behind the best type of people to work with.
  • The Mäd Flywheel. This is our business strategy in a simplified form, and the fundamental building blocks of how we make decisions.
  • The Problem with Pre-Made Solutions. If you only have a hammer, suddenly every problem starts looking like a nail. Learn how we stop ourselves from being tied down by the tools and solutions we already have.
  • Designing for the Lowest Common Denominator. When designing, we must always remember not to design for ourselves, but to design for the end-user in mind.
  • Transactions vs Relationships.  Our core approach to client relations, and how long-term thinking means that we sometimes do quite unconventional things.
  • Prioritization for Leaders. This article tackle the key question of how leaders can be effective when there is always far too much to be done.
  • Minimum Viable Product. This is our core ethos behind launching anything. Start small, test, iterate...and then grow!