Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximise success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colourful characters behind our work.

Today we caught up with Serahphin Chan, our newest team member within the MarComms team at Mäd.

Introduce yourself.

From event to design! Surround me with trusses, light, technical on the ground to launching products online and bring it to the digital world. Quite a shift for my experience, yet there’s one ground that I can stand on between the two agencies: Marketing!
There are a lot of similarities between the two industries, the part that I love the most is that we are helping another company grow and thrive through bringing their visions to life.
I have always been intrigued by Marketing, which is why it’s something that I would always work on, getting to know the market, and cater it to them. I have had 3 years of experience in the industry but it’s never enough, I feel as if I’ve just dipped my toes in it. At Mäd, it's an exciting deep dive into knowledge!

2020 has naturally been unpredictable. Yet, digital demand has soared- perhaps due to the traditional office environment being under threat. As such, we've had more enquiries for websites, digital marketing, advertising, and branding/rebranding than originally predicted.

We're constantly adjusting our offerings, to maximise our skillsets, and we bring in additional talent to maximise collaboration efforts.  More important than the CV, is the person: Their desire and ability to learn, adapt, and focus. Instead of simply advertising a set role, we tend to hire the person, then build the role - with support and training. This keeps us bolstered with top talent and potential.

Quick-Fire Questions

Hobbies? Great culinary discoveries, and podcasts on true crimes.
Proud achievements? Co-producing the biggest band competition in Cambodia.
Favorite place? The city that never sleeps
Favorite software? Lightroom.
Personality type? ENFJ!
Favorite Weekend Drink? Bubble Tea.

Daily Tasks

My day begins by checking on Bloo, to see my tasks that I need to tackle. I start prioritising my todos- then write, research, edit videos, collaborate on creative ideas, and so on! No two days are often the same.
At the moment, I'm working on a lot of internal communications for Mäd,  but I also head up the project work for Bloo itself. Bloo is based within the Mäd office, and was born from our own team, but it's treated as a separate team- which means I give it the same care and attention that external clients always get.

Bloo has been central to our rise in focus and efficiency. It's getting increasingly challenging not to mention this team management software within our insights as it has become the glue that allows us to deliver such a consistently high output.

How Bloo Works.
Bloo gives you one place for all team communication, files, todos, andprocesses. You’ll be able to instantly see the status of all your projects soyou can reach your goals, faster. Bloo has lots of tools that together have everything you need to run any type ofproject, whether it’s managing your…

What have you been watching recently?

I love documentaries on literally any topic. Ever since the pandemic started, I’ve discovered my love for documentaries as a source of understanding different cultures, learning new things, and exploring the world on the other side.
The most recent documentary I have seen is “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It is interesting to me since I work in the digital field; I'm always surrounded by social media, trying to pitch different ideas to attract more customers and tap into the mind of the target audience(s).

Knowledge is power. Learning is key. At Mäd we don't simply encourage growth, we help enable it; We have an extensive library, constantly updated, and also access to Netflix, software suites, and learning opportunities.  

Investing in our team, is investing in Mäd. We challenge complacency whenever possible.

The documentary brought together a selection of social media developers from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. The former employees of these media platforms show how much they can do with our information, and how they are always trying to keep you using their platform. How these strategies develop, leads to media brands physiologically trying to manipulate our daily behaviours.  

“How much of your life can we get you to give us?”
- The Social Dilemma, 2020.

How did you discover Mäd?

I discovered Mäd is through a friend. Due to the event industry being affected deeply by the pandemic, I was looking for a different career path and searching for more challenging experience.
My friend introduced me to Mäd, I was intrigued and wanting to learn more about the company, what they do, and insight into their work culture. I browsed through the website and I was in awe of how everything was very well structured and organised. I decided to send in an email and the rest is history.

As a brand that builds brands, it's easy to put our internal communications at the sidelines- after all, the client work pays the bills. However, we believe that businesses need to constantly reinvest time, money, and energy into their MarComms to ensure consistent quality and growth.  Being able to attract top talent, and intrigue potential clients, is invaluable.

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