Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximize success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colorful characters behind our work.

Today, we caught up with Sam - UX designer

Introduce Yourself.

I'm a UX designer, born in Phnom Penh. I've lived in Cambodia all my life. I stumbled into UX partly by accident- I originally was interviewing to be a graphic designer. When I first started I was given a choice between branding and advertising, or moving into a more digital based scope by getting involved with the PiPay project.

The latter appealed because the project was huge, filled with potential and a great brand name to put in my portfolio. There's something to be said for challenging your comfort zone, I have zero regrets about opting for the area that I knew less about (at the time) - to get trained up while applying my expertise from various subjects and softwares.

Throughout my Mäd journey, I've been fallen in love in UX while watching the Cambodian digital landscape develop. It's been a fantastic journey.

Mäd offer both UX and UI as services, and our client portfolio is brimming with great examples of our quality. Great work speaks for itself, which is why we don't have a sales team.

UX / UI Design Agency in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
User-centered design is an iterative process whereby you take an understanding of the users, and their context, as a starting point for all design and development.

Quick-Fire Questions.

Hobbies? Tech, Video-Games, Animation.
Quirkiest mobile app you have? 'lil games' a small made for fun game by Jordan Singer, product designer at Cash App.
Any heroes? Stefan Sagmeister- extremely creative!
Favorite software? Figma, Framer, Origami from Facebook
Personality type? INFP-A/T
Usual FIFA team? Chelsea (previously Dortmund)
Favourite Book? Lord of the Rings

What've you been reading recently?

The Personal MBA by Jason Barron, and the 12 rules of life by Jordan Peterson. In the Personal MBA they highlight the pillars of good business, whilst showing that without each of these foundations you'll crumble.

This is also very relatable outside of business, as we can apply a lot of the thinking to our every day life. The main focus here is balance.

Also, with my background in design, the style of the book really appealed to me- the clever illustrative journey that Barron takes the reader on feels like you're flying through business school (as the cover claims) but without the arduous pains of dull lectures or piles of coursework.

Notably, the visual MBA tried to decompress not just two years of business school into a single book, but also the whole book into four pages. Finishing the book, Barron adds a 'journey' for any business, noting each step that should be taken along with handy page references to allow aspiring leaders to check back on the key content. The first two of those pages deal with the launch, before diving into marketing and various desirable skills and habits.

It suggests the path to a successful launch should be:

1. Start
2. Find out who to serve
3. Come up with an idea
4. Experiment
5. Validate your idea
6. Plan
7. Map your strategy
8. Decision makingBranding
9. Business entity setup
10. Launch

What does your daily task list tend to look like?

At the moment, my average day starts with checking e-mails and Bloo notifications to make sure I've a solid structure.

Once all my tasks are planned, and I've put together priorities, I get started on my work whilst simultaneously updating clients and team members via our team management system.

Then, at Lunch time I tend to catch up with Vanneth on HungryApp™ before checking in Rose on the Chip Mong Bank project. We work alone extremely well, but it always helps to collaborate and check in with each other to assure we're aligned and heading in the right direction together.

There's a fair bit of testing in a typical afternoon, as we dive deep into new features in our mobile application projects.

And, as is common with most of the team, there's always new and exciting tasks that come out the woodwork - keeping life interesting at the agency!

Working on new project is indeed exciting, but we don't purely look forward. We record case studies of our work, to showcase team member talent and to attract new business; Also, we learn lessons from everything we do, and when we work across multiple industries, this gives us a unique depth and ability to solve complex problems with varied methodology.

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Explore what we have achieved.

One particular mental model that we've discussed recently, is the idea of thinking in first principles, whereby no matter what the problem may be (or the industry it springs at us from), we can break it down into manageable sections and rebuild an ideal solution.

Thinking in First Principles.
The intellectual toolkit can be sharpened with better mental models for optimised reasoning, judgement, analysis and learning.

What's your biggest achievement at Mäd, so far?

I'm really proud of my development with Webflow, I've had the opportunity to learn a lot of new software and skills from the Mäd team. Learning Webflow has allowed me to apply intelligent user experiences easier, as both the front and back end editors are so powerful and expertly designed.

I personally value this as such a big achievement because I can see the first-hand personal growth that comes with learning new things, constantly up-skilling and generally avoiding complacency.

Discover why we rate Webflow so highly in our previous insight:

Why Webflow?
Webflow allows websites to be coded visually, managing all the code behind the scenes. This paves the way for design-led websites that are 100% flexible and can be rapidly built and updated.

How did you discover Mäd?

Well, at the time, I'd never heard of Mäd, and I was freelancing here and there- designing menus and such. One of my friends phoned me to tell me of an upcoming Phnom Penh agency, and wanted to check if I was interested- when I said it sounded good, he made the introduction for me by sending across my portfolio.

Mäd connected me within a few days and invited me for a chat, and we hit it off immediately. I loved the interview process because it was so open and friendly, a lot more casual and human-centric rather than the strict corporate norm.

When I went to leave, I was chased by the CEO and one of the designers, so they could offer me the job on the spot!

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