Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximize success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colorful characters behind our work.

Today, we caught up with Lim Hou - A Senior Developer.

Introduce Yourself.

Originally from Takeo, I now reside in Phnom Penh with my wife and two young kids.

Quick-Fire Questions

Hobbies? Football and Snooker.
Proud achievements? My expertise in server administrator / WordPress.
Favorite food? I love all Japanese food.
Favorite place? Kirirom / Anywhere with a waterfall.
Favorite software? WordPress, Laravel, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Favorite weekend drink? Coffee & Red Wine.

What've you been up to recently?

Lately, I've been doing a lot of online learning. Being a developer, as with any other career in tech, it's important to keep up to date or you risk falling behind in the ever evolving tech industry.

I've taken a particular interest in Flutter, an open-sourced software development kit (SDK); one with a dynamic, cross-platform responsiveness i.e. iOS, Android, mobile, web etc. This sounds like it could become the go-to tool for any industry looking for a way to develop their app fast across multiple platforms, and so I feel it's the perfect resource for me to expand my skill set.
Lim and the team occupy the 'War Room', our conducive meeting space.

What does your daily task list tend to look like?

In the development field, bugs are inevitable. My daily tasks tend to involve chasing and tackling those bugs. I like to think of myself as a doctor for softwares and programs.

Unfortunately, more often than not, it is the clients who spot the bugs first. When this happens, it definitely adds a lot of stress and pressure to my role but it is what it is.

The first thing I do when I arrive to work is check Bloo–our project management tool that we use to visualize and keep track of our work progress–to see if I've been tagged to any bug-exterminating tasks.
Bloo - Simple Online Project Management

What's your biggest achievement at Mäd, so far?

My biggest achievement is definitely the HungryApp™ project. It was my first project where I built the entire API from scratch. It was a learning curve, challenging, but all worth it in the end.

One particular feature that I'm most proud of is the 'variation and product purchase' feature. It is a very complex feature comprised of plug-ins, logic, and algorithm.

To be able to produce something that is practical and of use to the masses is such a fulfilling feeling.

Hungry?® is an ambitious project that Mäd has been involved with since it's ideation conception. Initially, the client approached us to discover long term strategy in regards to the developing delivery aggregators spreading across Phnom Penh.

Through collaborative workshops, we created a truly special vision of building their own multi-brand delivery application that could offer something that no others yet could (or would)!

A year on, the App has not only launched, but Mäd remains part of it's development: Adding key new features; initiating digital advertising and marketing strategy, and taking an active role in guiding the operations of the project.

Why did you choose the career as a developer?

In school, Mathematics was my favorite subject. However, I majored in Database and Programming because I'd been selected for its scholarship program from Passerelles Numériques, despite having no idea what a career as a developer might entail at the time.

Later on as I've come to learn, programming heavily relies on the same logical reasoning used in Mathematics. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything. In fact, I'm very happy with my decision to study Programming because it's introduced me to the evolving world of tech that keeps things new and exciting.

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