Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximize success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colorful characters behind our work.

Today, we caught up with Jonathan Tep - the Head of Projects at Mäd.

Introduce Yourself.

As a Canadian-national with a Khmer background, I like to think I have a foothold in both international and local culture. Over the past 18 years, I have been back and forth living between Montreal and Phnom Penh, and have watched Cambodia's emerging market grow with great interest. Last year I made the decision to return to Cambodia to explore further opportunities and discover firsthand what the market had to offer.
As Head of Projects, my responsibilities are mainly two-fold: project management and client care. My previous experience in sales and customer success in the technology sector allows me to act as the crucial bridge between client and designer/developer.
The Product Manager Role.
Team culture can wildly vary depending on organization size, industry and product goals. This is one variable that makes the ‘Product Manager’ role difficult to define.

Good management is a great investment, at Mäd we understand that small additional attention to our operations will create huge successful ripples of productivity and harmony. Whilst we coach team members to be able to be independently competent, the value added by a project manager is clear.

One additional benefit of having a dynamic Head of Projects, is that they can shield the time of our creatives, allowing them to continue creating great work without time-consuming meetings and presentations throwing them off-schedule.

Quick-Fire Questions

Hobbies? Motocross, waterski, football, tennis, reading, board games.
Proud achievement?: I oversaw the launch of a chain of pharmacies in Phnom Penh which counted 3 locations by the time I left. -OR- I ran the operations of the Tennis Federation of Cambodia and a program that makes tennis accessible to over 13,000 kids.
Not so proud achievement?: I played in the National Canadian Monopoly Championship and finished 4th.
Favorite place? Abroad: Florence, Italy. Local: Kep, Cambodia
Favorite app? Waze. Simple, user-friendly and community-based. I am hopeless without it.
Personality type? ENFP / ENFJ.
Favourite Weekend Drink? Anything with Scotch, Whiskey or Bourbon. However, a nice G&T is my go-to.

What've you been reading recently?

At Mäd we encourage continuous learning, and keep our library brimming with insightful literature for our team to peruse.

The two last books I read were both by Malcolm Gladwell: 'Outliers' and 'Blink'. Gladwell's style is particularly interesting as he translates a huge amount of empirical research and case studies into layman's terms that make for great stories and fascinating discoveries about the human mind.
I'm currently reading two books. "Pitch Anything" by Oren Klaff is a great read so far. He gives tremendous insight into pitching deals and effective communication through examples and experience. "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, a book I chose simply because I had access to a French translated version and hadn't read anything in French for quite a while! It's a fascinating voyage through humankind over the past 70,000 years. Touching on sociology, religion, anthropology, culture and economics, his research and observations ultimately tend to explain a lot of our modern behaviors and habits.

What does your daily task list tend to look like?

My day-to-day varies quite a lot and that's what I really enjoy! You will find me in team meetings, out in the field at a client's office or at my desk planning out next steps for projects on Bloo.
As Head of Projects I am fortunate enough to dabble in all our teams' ongoings so there is always something to keep busy with or to improve!

What kind of achievements are you seeking to accomplish at Mäd?

I would like to see Mäd at the forefront of consulting, design, development and strategy in Cambodia. Although Mäd is already a key-player in the industry, I feel it has the right culture and mindset to grow into an industry leader and trendsetter. I would love to be a part of making that happen. Whether it be by bringing in big and interesting projects to grow our Client Portfolio or simply by providing exemplary service and attention to our client's to further improve our existing reputation
Why We Don’t Have a Sales Team.
Growth without reliance on aggressive sales tactics.

At Mäd, we seek out 'M shaped' individuals or at least seek to develop talents to progress skills and career paths for all of our team. Having foundations of knowledge in multiple areas helps us cross industries and explore niche areas with an important level of competence.

How did you discover Mäd?

As you can see from our track-record, Mäd tends to leverage its reputation and network of relationships in order to grow. So it is only natural that Mäd and I connected through one of its existing clients.
Our CEO had expressed a need for someone in a PM role and I am a close friend of iFinance's CEO. Once he suggested Mäd to me, I did some research on their website and got in touch with Manny for a meeting. After the first meeting and getting a feel for Mäd's culture, I immediately knew it would be a great  fit!

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