Mundane and Mäd are polar opposites to us. But, weekly work surely requires a degree of repetitiveness or habits shaped to maximize success- we decided to explore the routines of our team, to share our industry insights and introduce the colorful characters behind our work.

Today, we caught up with Angelique Delamere - a Senior Brand Designer and Strategist at Mäd.

Introduce yourself

I am the only Mäd team member from the Southern Hemisphere. I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, but completed my studies in Cape town, one of the most creative cities in the world. I believe that my vibrant and multicultural upbringing has given me a very unique perspective and appreciation of the world and all the diverse creativity that lies within it.
Fun fact: Johannesburg is the biggest man made forest in the world.
This is probably why I get nature withdrawals from being in the concrete jungle that is Phnom Penh for too long.

Quick-Fire Questions

Hobbies? Dancing. Strategic board games, reading, yoga and challenging myself in the kitchen.
Favourite Game? Catan.
Proud achievements? I started and ran my own start up in Cape Town during my third year of university.
Favorite place? Mountain Tops.
Most proficient software? Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.
Personality type? ENFJ-A
Favourite Weekend Drink? Gin, especially Gin and Teas. Yes, that right - tea.

What've you been reading recently?

I have recently started reading 'The Richest Man in Babylon' by George S. Clarkson. The book is set almost 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, which is said to have been the most wealthy city of the ancient world. The book uses parables  to give very meaningful and relevant financial advice.
For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to read this book, I will briefly give you a sneak peak into some of the basic principles:

Clarkson's work leans on seven basic principles, referred to as 'cures', mimicking the biblical commandments.

Seven Cures For a Lean Purse

• The First Cure: Start thy purse to fattening by keeping one tenth of all earnings.
• The Second Cure: Control thy expenditures.
• The Third Cure: Make thy gold multiply.
• The Fourth Cure: Guard thy treasures from loss.
• The Fifth Cure: Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment.
• The Sixth Cure: Insure a future income.
• The Seventh Cure: Increase thy ability to earn

Smart finances are important to business and personal life, and being aware of great economical habits can drive forward healthier practices that 'future-proof' decision making.

We strive to place genuine human interaction and positive relations at the core of our operations, so it's increasingly invaluable to have our financial strategies carefully crafted in the background.

There are also Five Laws of Gold but I shan't expose all the book's wisdom in one go. I personally feel as though the book will add value to anyone who is managing their own finances and is wanting to get a head by continuously growing their own wealth.
I have also recently started reading (and studying) 'Great CEO's are Lazy' by Jim Schleckser, as recommended by my very supportive and innovative CEO himself.
All this being said, I usually like to have 2 - 3 books on the go at any given time and have read more books while working at Mäd than ever before.

Our Mäd library is overflowing at present, and we always welcome team members and clients alike to borrow books at their pleasure. Valuing self-learning and continuous growth helps us remain at the forefront of our industry, ensuring we don't become complacent.

Focusing on Strategy, what keeps you efficient?

My Chronotype is that of a Lion. This means that I am most efficient -and tend to find the most logical and strategic way to get things done- in the morning. I did sometimes feel as though my focus tapers off in the afternoon so I've countered this by reading a book and doing some form of up-skilling during lunch to keep my brain active and intrigued.

Recently, Mäd shipped a branding project for Fastex. Stepping beyond the traditional role of a designer, Angelique was involved in the project from it's inception to ensure all decision making was made with deep understanding and strategic foresight- both harmonizing with the client mission statements, and with the potential expectations of the target audience.

Branding services with Mäd - Fastex
Unpacking brilliant ideas is an exciting process, and the best ideas deserve repackaging with standout branding that’ll help them accelerate growth.

What does your daily task list tend to look like?

I start every morning by either reading a chapter of my book or, of late, doing a Skillshare class while I eat my bagel and drink my morning tea. This is a really nice way for me to settle into the day while adding new knowledge, thoughts and perspectives into my brain.

Alongside Mäd offering online training opportunities for our team, we also highly encourage skill sharing through team member workshops or one-to-one skill swapping.  

A graphic designer may not need to know how to code, and an advertiser may not need to be proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud package- yet understanding how each team member will work allows us to collaborate better.

Collaborating Better.
Effective team work is heightened by intelligent tools that not only allow collaboration, but excel at optimizing it. We’ve pondered some pitfalls of bad planning, and outlined success strategies for your team.

Bolstering our team with M Shaped individuals means that we can optimize time with highly efficient output. The pitfalls of lost time through unnecessary meetings or confused pain points tend to happen when teams are unable to position themselves as multi-functional, which is something our intelligent recruiting process has managed to navigate.

I then hop on to Bloo to check in with all my projects. Each day is completely different and project dependent. I prioritize my typically long list of tasks and get cracking. My day usually only ends once I have tackled all the necessary tasks for the day.

Angelique's perseverance to completing her daily task list can lead to her being the first in the office, and the last out. With our team free to come and go as they please, her self discipline and motivation for high quality work have quickly established herself as an ideal fit for our Mäd culture.

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