Security, trust, and a sense of legitimacy are like a warm blanket for customers. The blue badge of Facebook is that blanket for online customers. When people are given transparency, they are more likely to be drawn to a brand.

Not all businesses can easily get verified, various steps are required to get the blue check, quintessential to any large corporation. The human perception of online security is built around trust, and to prove that companies are reliable, they need authentication checks.

The first step for gaining Facebook verification is centred around engagements, likes, and followers. If your page is thriving, getting a lot of attention, and socially known, then it is time to apply for a verification badge. The badge will help your company flourish even more.

The Benefits

  • The legitimacy and authentication of your business/company

It is fascinating how a little blue badge can make such an impact for businesses. Since the human brain views it as a sense of authenticity, it gives a lot of value to it. Any company with the blue badge automatically gains solid credentials in the mind of potential clients/customers. To ensure the verification process has genuine value (i.e. massively reducing the potential for falsified pages); Pages need to provide a certificate of ownership from  their company that includes tax, phone, or other utility bills. This feature allows companies to claim legitimacy for their business to build trust with customers and that the page is credible.

  • Increase sales, followers, and searches

With your page verified on Facebook, sales can begin to improve. The blue badge gives your page credibility, and customers are drawn to purchasing from secure providers. Verified pages are more likely to show higher on both Facebook and search engine results, leading to higher discoverability and therefore potential likes/follows.

Requirements from Facebook

Must be a real account with your actual company or an existent person to be eligible.

Of course, fake accounts or pages would be refused. Facebook will automatically detect fake accounts as valid photo identification for individuals is needed (passport, ID, driving license). With business pages, you’ll need company documentation (Recent phone or utility bill, certification of formation, tax (or tax exemption) certificate) and you’ll need to explain why you require the page to be verified.


All content must generate from that specific page. Your page should also be remarkably unique, ergo, that your company is not a clone of some other pages. Facebook stated that verification is only for professional businesses, i.e. meme pages need not apply!


Your Facebook page needs to be complete, i.e. all sections of your profile including the about and contact information, and at least one post. The page must also be active, so your post(s) should be fairly recent.


A page must be socially known regionally, which is verified by a high number of searches. For example, if hundreds (or thousands) of people are searching for a particular brand name, then Facebook is more likely to perceive the page as both credible and highly notable.  

At Mäd, we also provide social media strategy that heightens brand awareness. We will help increase your chances of getting verified faster.

Social Media Strategy.
Mäd focus our energies into bespoke social media strategies based on a solid understanding of our client and their field.

Final thoughts

A large corporation should seek verification for multiple reasons:

  1. It shows that your business is reliable and will create a trust bond between you and your customers.
  2. It helps your business grow much faster when you have transparency.
  3. It helps boost SEO and therefore the ability to reach more customers.

Though verification can be a slow and awkward process, particularly as Facebook is known for their slow responses and lack of direct contacts, the rewards clearly merit the effort.

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