First Steps.

Once you have agreed with Mäd on your project proposal and there is no more feedback on any items in the scope of work or any other project details, then the following steps will be taken.

If you have an in-house legal team, you'll want them to check our suggested contractual terms. We've kept these quite simple (just one page in length!), and you can read more about the thinking behind this in our insight Making Contracts Accessible. We also have available our more traditional long-form contracts which are significantly more in-depth, and if your legal team has their own standard contracts, we're happy to look at using those for the project.

Once the contractual terms are set, we will then send eSignature versions out via HelloSign, which is a system that allows for internationally legally binding electronic signatures in an easy manner. We will need the full name, job titles, and emails of anyone that needs to be a signatory, plus any other members of your team that need to be in CC. Once everyone has completed that process, a PDF version of the contract and proposal will be automatically emailed to everyone on that list.


Next up, is working with your procurement team, if you have one, to ensure that Mäd is registered as a vendor in your company.

These are common documents requested by procurement teams when onboarding us to their vendor registration portals. You can find links to the typically requested documents below:

If there are other requirements for vendor registration at your company, such as signing additional NDAs or compliance documents, we can then review those on a per-case basis.

Initial Payment.

Once the vendor registration is complete, we will then issue the invoice for the initial payment. Again, we will need a list of emails that need to be in the loop with the invoicing, and then you'll receive an e-Invoice from our payment system.

Typically, we only accept wire transfers to our account, and our payment system spins up virtual bank accounts on a per-client basis. These are then automatically monitored for incoming wire transfers, and if they reconcile to the amount in your invoice, you and your team will automatically be sent a receipt and confirmation of a successful payment.

For smaller amounts less than $3,000 –  such as mid-project payments or small additional requests, we also accept payment via debit or credit card.

Design Sprint Planning.

At the same time as the above process is happening, our team members will already start to go ahead a draft an agenda for the Design Sprint for your review. This will be in a Google Doc and we invite you to share it with your team members and provide feedback and additional useful information.

Again, we will need a list of team members that will be part of the project so we can send out calendar invites for the Design Sprint as well as invite all your team members to our project management system Bloo.

We hope that the above provides clarity on some of the administration work required to start a project with Mäd. We've spent a significant amount of time trying to simplify and automate many of the usual tedious and administrative tasks involved in starting a project with us so we can put our best foot forward, and help your brand or business succeed.

Request a Proposal.

If you would like to #workwithmad then send us an email at and let's Make It Happen.™