First paragraphs of news articles and blog posts have been dominated by such words as:

  • Turbulent
  • Uncertain
  • Unprecedented
  • Testing
  • Challenging
  • Chaotic

Whilst many readers may begin glossing over apocalyptic alliteration and severe similes, the COVID-19 situation has undoubtably changed the world. Industry has been ravished by halted orders, closed sectors and potentially unmanageable health guidelines*. Cambodia's reported cases remain low, 124 at time of writing with 122 recovered, but the considered approaches to contain the pandemic have still had a knock on effect to the economy - not to mention the global factors that massively affect the Kingdom's exports.

*Consider the hairdressers, the tattoo artists and the masseuses. Social distancing makes their craft unworkable.

Education was hit quickly, as classrooms were sensibly closed to curb infection spreading. Many teachers found themselves unemployed , meanwhile many employers found themselves grappling with the wage bills and overheads to keep the business afloat while income was sparse. In hospitality a smorgasbord of venues were forced to close upon discovering their limited cash flow did not allow them to cover overheads during halted trade periods.

The Importance of Free Cash Flow
Free Cash Flow (FCF) is one of the most important metrics that management should keep track of on a regular and consistent basis.

There has undoubtedly been lots of hard decisions, many made reactively and without enough available guidance.

A Helping Hand.

Under the umbrella startup brand, Belaws, several law firms are aiming to provide much needed support to Cambodia. Employers and employees are able to gain a free 30-minute consultation to aid any legal issues they may face. Belaws provides preliminary answers to COVID-19 related legal questions on contract terminations, salary negotiations, or suspension from work.

Service has been made possible due to Zico Law, and PYT Associates Law Office.

CCI France Cambodge has joined the initiative, and participating lawyers are providing the service free of charge on a charitable basis.

Each user can use the free service once for preliminary advice.

We will use our best efforts to ensure that users receive a preliminary answer within two business days. To be eligible for this service, your question must be related to an employment situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the participating lawyer must be able to answer it within 30 minutes (preparation work included). Each user can use this service only once.

More information, and access to the service can be found via the following link:

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