1. Micro Animations and Interaction Design.

Let's face it, animations and interactions have been around for a while and are here to stay. They're more than a trend, they're a classic and a necessity.

Parallax animation is one that has been gaining popularity recently.

Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines.

What makes this effect stand out is the dynamic feel that brings to life, what would be an otherwise flat web page.

re : edge by Mäd 
To celebrate a decade of design, we collaborated with re : edge to revitalize their web presence and showcase their influential works over the years.

2. Minimalism.

Minimalism as a design concept, has become a broad umbrella term. Its popularity over the years has resulted in the birth of many different 'minimal' niches distinct enough to be a standalone trend.

From Skeumorphism to Neumorphism.

Although not a minimal design, Skeumorphism did give rise to Neumorphism—a trend to keep an eye out for; thus, a brief backstory is necessary. Skeumorphism is a design concept that incorporates 'real world' objects into a software interface.

Neumorphism on the other hand, retains the real world objects on the interface, but, in a more subtle manner that doesn't feel as overly done. It makes use of various shades of light and dark to create shadows and depths. A 3D look has never felt more futuristic!

Some examples of the up-and-coming Neumorphism:

3. 3D Illustration.

It goes without saying that illustrations are important. They're the elements that evoke emotion and add characteristics and personalities to the overall mood and tone. More than that, they help to break up lengthy texts and increase the readability.

We've been seeing a lot of the 3D clay-like cartoon characters often accessorized with pastel colors. The cross between Neumorphism and Stop Motion definitely gives us a mixed feeling of past nostalgia and future excitement.

4. Abstract.

While the trend of not being afraid to leave white spaces untouched leverages it to the appeal of the minimal design; too much white space can risk coming across as 'something is missing'. It's no wonder designers are looking towards abstract shapes to round out the empty space. The contrast of abstract shapes are sure to add some flair to the work, while still retaining the minimal look.

5. Short, Snappy Copy.

A pretty website is only able to retain engagement for so long. If your copy is not short and snappy, no amount of visual elements can make up for this.

With the market becoming more and more sophisticated, the demand for quality content is expected. The incorporation of voice search and keyword search, shows that on top of being short and snappy, consumers are looking for personalized and authentic content.

Although the bar is rising, quality copy is one that provides fulfillment for both the content producers and the content consumers; it is thus, a trend we shall embrace.

In Conclusion,

The upcoming trends show a slow and gradual change, merging the well-loved elements of the past with the highly anticipated elements of the future. The appeal to mix and match means each trend doesn't just stand alone, there's always room for each trend to grow and evolve into its own unique way.

At Mäd, we believe in strategic design thinking; one that yields long-term values. Therefore, our approach with trends is to see how they fit in with our clients' business objectives and positioning. After all, a trend is a design element, and a design element must fit together with the broader picture that encompasses our client's brand as a whole.

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