Giving Back.

We are happy to announce that Mäd has pledged 1% of our revenue to the climate.

Starting from January 2021, all the invoices that we send out will have a badge to demonstrate our commitment to be part of the change in carbon removal. A badge that we will proudly wear.

Corporate social responsibility has always been at the forefront of our ethos since we started. In September 2020, we shared 4 Lessons From 4 Years of Mäd, one of the lessons being the importance of free cash flow. Having achieved a sense of security from our hard-earned work, it's time to give back.

2020 has been a year of progression. No longer is Corporate Social Responsibility seen as an optional add-on. There is a lot of demand for companies and corporations to be ethical and transparent, and rightly so. We want to set an example to other businesses that it's possible to move forward while giving back.

Stripe Climate.

The pledge is an initiative led by Stripe, a payment processing software company. Not only has Stripe enabled us to automate 95% of our BackOffice and increased our efficiency since we moved in late 2020, but it's also a forward-thinking company whose ethos very much aligns with ours. This is why we chose Stripe Climate out of all countless initiatives out there.

How We Automated 95% of our BackOffice.
Any time that anyone at Mäd spends on activities that are not related to either client projects or furthering business objectives, is a waste of time.

The process is very straightforward, as it should be. The belief in simplicity is another commonality that we share. We have to move past the prevailing attitude that doing the right thing is hard or complicated. It should be the default and only option. When companies like Stripe sets forth an example that doing the right thing can be easy, it opens doors for other companies to follow.

We are in great company with Substack, Flexport, Panic and FlipCause on board.

There is no greenwashing. Stripe partners with scientific experts and cutting-edge technologies that ensure donors the authenticity of the initiative.

In Closing.

The effect of climate change is felt globally. No longer can we say it's not our problem. It is irresponsible to think otherwise. While a lot of emphasis is placed on carbon reduction, not much is given to its counterpart—carbon removal. To reach a state of equilibrium or climate neutral, it's not enough to reduce the current emission, we have to remove the excess.

We are very excited to be taking this leap and expect more leaps in the foreseeable future.

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