At Mäd our approach to hiring has developed over the years, leaning heavily on our successes we've been fortunate to have a steady stream of quality open applications. We keep everything fully transparent via our online SOPs, and build roles around talent rather than usually shaping talent to defined roles.

However, due to a steady flow of exciting projects this year, our team has room for even further growth.  Aside from open applications (which we're still encourage), we now have a role in particular we'd like to fill.

Are you a budding brand designer? We may provide the ideal next step in your career.

The Work.

We work across multiple industries, as displayed in our case studies and client sections. As such, we need someone that can adapt 'multiple hats', and understand the need of each client and the ideal output for their end customer.

Our design functions range through branding, rebrands, iconography, social media content, advertising content, merchandising items, and beyond. We value practical, simple solutions to complex problems, and encourage innovative ideas that can be executed succinctly. Simply put, we find a solution and we Make It Happen™.‌

The Team.

When hiring, it's important to us that 'team-fit' is considered sensibly. We've created a productive culture that helps our cross-functional team harmonize. Generally there are a few values that resonate across all of our team members.

  • Well-read. Have a passion for reading, constantly striving to consume more literature.
  • Continuous learners. Being an expert doesn't indicate the end of a journey, we continue to challenge and expand our knowledge, and seek individuals equally passionate about learning and self-development.
  • Result-driven. Ideas are great, and we challenge norms and problem solve daily - however, we need to back up great ideas with great work, leading to great results. Our team are fully accountable for their projects, and ensure they deliver again, and again.

The Person.

If you fit our team values, and the work appeals to you, then you could be an ideal candidate for Mäd. If you wish to apply as a Brand Designer there are a few requirements.

Software. We expect you to be up to date with typical design tools, and be able to adapt to cutting edge industry tech. We're happy to train new team members on new software, but it certainly helps to have a good working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Webflow, and G Suite - as a starting point.

  • Send us your portfolio, we want to see what you've created before.
  • Send us your CV, we want to understand more about your background, and how you present yourself professionally.  Be sure to include your relevant experience and education.
  • Send us an introduction. Cover letters are important, we want to get a sense of you, your personality and your general dispositions.

Be sure to take some time to look through our case studies for examples of our work, we'd want you to meet our standards and help our continual elevations of quality. ‌

The Benefits.

As a cutting-edge agency, our office reflects our modern style. Based in central Phnom Penh, we regularly receive compliments for our large, open plan working space filled with ideal features:

  • Extensive library, continually updated.
  • Deep Work room, for uninterrupted focus.
  • iMacs and a variety of useful modern tech tools to utilize.
  • Mini bar with premium brands.
  • Unlimited Coffee.
  • Unlimited Tea (currently brewing Vanilla, Orange & Cinnamon, Mint, and Breakfast).
  • Unlimited Soft-Drinks and filtered water.
  • Lots of plants, complimenting the space.

For team members, we further this with additional working benefits:

  • Flexi-time, shape your work around an ideal timeline for you. (Using common sense that match our principles and team culture).
  • Remote-work friendly.
  • Competitive, transparent salaries.
  • Comprehensive insurance benefits.
  • Macbook / iMac access.
  • Training courses and paid career development opportunities.
  • Great portfolio enhancement.

Find out more about our standard operating procedures here:‌

People Operations

Thanks for your interest, please e-mail your application to